What the Curse of Vanishing Does in Minecraft?

Curse Of Vanishing

Minecraft game has several curses, but of all those, the ‘Curse of Vanishing’ is the most popular. This enchantment has a larger pool of items to place on. The Curse of Vanishing is not just used on the armor, but it can be placed on tools, shields, weapons, and Elytra. The enchantment book has also got this particular curse, so a player can use this curse on any of the aforementioned items using the anvil. With this curse, the items you are currently holding or you have in your inventory will disappear after your death in the game as you enchant their names. In case, you drop the item, then it won’t remain on the ground, but will disappear for good.

How Effective is the ‘Curse Of Vanishing’?

However, the effects of the Curse of Vanishing are limited despite the fact that Vanishing has its uses. You will be able to find an upgrade to a weapon, tool, armor, or shield through chests, trading, or fishing. You can also take the item off and even drop it for repairing or enchanting it further. As you die in the game with the cursed item, it will be gone forever. Even if the item is in your inventory, it will not be accessible. The Curse of Vanishing has many applications for mapmakers as well. There are harder adventure maps that can punish players by removing their collected items as they die. Other adventure maps ensure that players don’t keep items that are threat beyond a certain level of the game.

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PvP servers can also take advantage of the Curse of Vanishing on their equipment. The items will vanquish upon the death of the player. They enchant their equipment with the curse and go into battle with a clear thought that if they die, other players can’t use their own equipment against them later.

The Minecraft Curse of Vanishing has other uses too, but those are confined to modding and map making instead of survival. When playing Minecraft, keep in mind that the word ‘limited’ is not an obstacle if you are creative because you’ll find a way to make something great.

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