How to Make a Painting in Minecraft?

Minecraft has two types of the frame that can be manufactured by players: Frame and Painting. Frames are very useful for holding your items and for creating map rooms. The Paintings are in theory only decorative, but there is also a way to use them to create secret passages. Check out how to create paintings or frames in all versions of Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Minecraft Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS (iPhone), and PC in both Windows 10 Edition and Java Edition.

Painting In Minecraft

Both items are very easy to manufacture, with eight sticks and a piece of leather or wool, according to which you want to make. They are also easy to apply. In the case of the frame, just place it on a wall and then place an item that will be exposed to it, including maps. The painting is also placed on the wall, but its size is determined by its position and the number of free blocks around it. The art that will be shown in the Painting is chosen at random. The player can destroy the Paintings and Frames by hand and replace them until he likes.

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How to Make a Painting in Minecraft?

Step 1. Obtain eight sticks from wooden boards and a leather obtained from cows or horses.

Step 2. Use a worktable to make the frame.

Step 3. Place the Frame on a wall with the interaction button, the same one used to place blocks.

Step 4. Place the item you want to be displayed with the interaction button. It is possible to rotate it with the same button used to place it.

Step 5. If the item is a map, the frame will occupy the entire block and it will be possible to place more maps next to each other to form an even larger map.

Step 6. It is also possible to use a Clock to create a functional wall clock.

How to Make a Painting Frame?

Step 1. Obtain eight sticks from wooden boards and wool of any kind obtained from sheep.

Step 2. Use a worktable to make the painting.

Step 3. Place the frame on a wall and remember that the frame will adapt to the size of the wall.


That is how you can make painting and frame in Minecraft. In case, you find trouble making the painting and/or frame, then you can consult Minecraft support to help you regarding the same.

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