How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

Minecraft Campfire

Building a campfire in Minecraft is a simple task. In the update “Village & Pillage”, the game won a new item called Campfire that helps adventurers in their first moments in the game. In addition to becoming a source of light by functioning as a torch, it also allows you to cook small amounts of food without using any fuel. Another use of the item is the signaling of a specific point on the map thanks to the pillar of smoke that it leaves in the skies.

Check out the tutorial on how to create your own bonfire in Minecraft in the following tutorial. Remember that the title is available for PC, iPhone (iOS), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One.

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The fire takes longer to make food than a furnace, but it is capable of cooking up to four different items at the same time – one in each corner of the block, without the need for separate fuel such as coal or logs. The fire can go out in some ways, such as emptying a bucket of water or interacting with it when using a spade. However, it will not be extinguished by rain. After being erased, it is possible to rekindle it with a flint. Your smoke range can also be expanded by placing a bale of hay directly under the fire.

How to make a campfire recipe in minecraft?

1. Get at least three logs from any type of tree.

2. Use the Creation menu to transform one of the logs into four wooden boards and transforming two wooden boards into four sticks. You need at least three sticks to create the fire.

3. Look for a piece of coal in caves or mountains and extract it with a pickaxe.

4. In possession of all the items, use a work table to create a fire.

5. Place your campfire somewhere on the map so you can use it. There is no need to worry about wood, as the fire does not spread fire and acts as a torch.

If you can’t build a campfire in the Minecraft game, then you should consult Minecraft experts for quick assistance.

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