How to Get the Minecraft Trident?

Encantamientos con el tridente de Minecraft

The Minecraft trident is one of the most popular weapons, which is used for hand-to-hand combat. You can obtain this throwing weapon after executing the drowned man.

In order to use this weapon, one must collect it at the time of throwing itself, or else it won’t return. Furthermore, you can enchant the trident in 7 different ways, as we will see later.

In today’s post, you will see how to obtain the Minecraft trident and what the main enchantments of this incredible weapon are.

How to Get the Minecraft Trident?

One must keep in mind that tridents are not workable, but obtained after a drowned man is killed, as a reward. That’s because this is your weapon of attack, so the chances of it being left as a reward are very high.

One should keep in mind that the ones who drown naturally will appear with the tridents, not those who are transformed into zombies. There is a possibility for them to release the trident.

You can pick them up from the ground upon their launch just like how you would pick the arrows.

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7 Enchantments of the Minecraft trident

Know now the possible enchantments of the trident in your game:

1: Loyalty

You can find it from version 1.13 and it is a feature that refers to the fact that every time you play the trident it will come back to you just like a boomerang.

There is another way of enchanting, i.e., by using the lapis lazuli book. Open the book and go to the “enchant” menu followed by placing the book in the first section.

2: Surf

Through this enchantment, you can use your trident as a means of quick transportation. When got out, the trident will take your character with you.

Tridents with this charm will release when a character is standing in the water.

3: Plumbing

This trident is a unique charm, but you can only use it at the time of thunderstorms, which don’t happen that frequently.

A lightning strike will happen when you shoot the trident during the storm. The lightning strike will fall from the sky on the enemy that you have hit already with the Minecraft trident.

4: Cloudy waters

It may propel a trident that is underwater, or you can use it to transport the storm to a certain competitor, and once it reaches the spot of your choice, it will inflict splash damage.

5: Impalement

It is capable of causing damage to aquatic creatures (aquatic mobs) until they occur naturally within the ocean. It can also inflict a lot more damage to other Minecraft players.

6: Unbreakable

Able to increase the durability of the trident, so as to ensure the longevity of the weapon before it breaks.

7: Repair

If you gain enough experience with Minecraft, you will have the necessary resources to make repairs.


This was the procedure of making use of Minecraft trident and all the spells, in a very fun way. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the weapon, then you can acquire it by killing a drowned man.

The Minecraft trident is one of the best weapons in the game, so it’s certainly worth having one with you.

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