How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Minecraft Zombie Villager

Healing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft is a difficult task, but possible by following some tips. The game has a special type of monster among its enemies: the Zombie Villager. There are several villages inhabited by villagers across the world of Minecraft blocks, and when they are attacked by the undead, accidents can happen, such as making a villager turn into a zombie.

While many players eliminate Zombie Villager as an ordinary monster, it is possible to heal it with a little effort.

Healing a Zombie Villager is a little difficult, as it requires some complex steps. First, the player needs to create a Potion of Weakness and then a Golden Apple – which, used together, will heal him. However, the process takes some time and, during this period, the player cannot move away from the Zombie Villager, so that he does not disappear, in addition to protecting him from the sun so as not to burn like other undead. If the user leaves the user, there is a good chance that the character just disappears as with many other monsters, something that does not happen after being in human form.

How to Make Weakness Potion?

  1. Gather a Spider’s Eye, a Brown Mushroom and a a handful of Sugar to create a Fermented Spider’s Eye.
  2. In a Potion Holder, mix a Nether Fungus with three Bottles of Dragon’s Breath to obtain three Strange Potions. You can obtain the Dragon’s breath by capturing the breath attack of the ender dragon in an empty bottle.
  3. Mix the Fermented Spider Eye with the three Strange Potions to obtain three Potions of Weakness.
  4. Mix Gunpowder, obtained from Creepers, with the three Potions of Weakness to make them Potable Weaknesses.

How to Save a Zombie Villager?

  1. Lure a Zombie Villager into a trap where he will be protected from sunlight. It can be anything from a complicated Redstone trap to a simple hole in the ground.
  2. After capturing the Zombie Villager, throw a Potion of Weakness at him.
  3. Give the Zombie Villager a Golden Apple made with a red apple and eight Gold Bars;
  4. Wait near the Zombie Villager until he returns to human form. As he tries to return to human form, try not to expose him to the sunlight, as that could burn him.

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This is how you can cure a zombie villager in Minecraft and increase the number of villagers. In case, you can’t turn him into the human form or can’t find the stuff to cure him, consult experts.

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