How to Create a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

Minecraft Cartography Table

When you are inside of Minecraft’s little world, you will have to start off by making the cartography table because that is how you can create a map. Here is how you can do it. You need four main items for creating the cartography table, which includes:

  1. Wooden Planks
  1. Nine Sugar canes.
  1. Four Iron Ore Blocks
  1. One Pile Of Redstone Dust.

Steps for making a cartography table:

  1. Start off with just a single log and get four oak planks from that you know.
  2. Now, you will have to put down at least three sugar cane and get to paper from that. After that, you need to put down two planks along with two papers on top.
  3. It doesn’t have to be in the upper corner but that is how you make yourself a cartography table.

As you make the cartography table, you can place it the way you want, as it will always face in the same direction.

Note : Check out all the steps you need to follow to get the Minecraft Sponge.

How to create a map with Cartography Table?

  1. The process begins with opening the furnace and adding iron ore and fuel in the top and bottom square respectively.
  1. The furnace will create iron bars. To complete the process, drag the iron bars into the inventory.
  1. Now you will need to make some compass, which can be automatically created if you add 4 iron ore bars with one pile of Redstone dust in the crafting table. To complete, you can grab the compass into your inventory.

  1. If the crafting table is open, you can drag three stacks of three sugar canes into the squares present at the bottom. Each stack of sugar cane will create three sheets of paper, which means you will have to drag stacks of paper three times into the inventory.

  1. In the crafting table, you will select the compass in the inventory along with dragging it to the center square. Fill all the squares with a sheet of paper each.

  1. Complete the process by dragging the empty locator map into the inventory or hotbar.

How to fill your map?

As you get hold of a map, it’s time to fill it. Here is how you can fill the map:

  1. Open the inventory and drag the empty Locator Map into the Hotbar.
  1. Select the map and perform the following steps to bring it into view:
    • Mobile – Tap and hold the screen.
    • PC – Right-click on your mouse.
    • Console – Press the left trigger.
  1. Go across the Minecraft realm for filling the map. The map will render the area, but there will be a limit of 128×128 blocks, which is half of the ‘flat’ world type. To have a larger coverage, zoom out the map by going back to the crafting table.

Enlarge your map

You can choose four sizes of zoom, which are;

  1. 256×256
  2. 512×512
  3. 1024×1024
  4. 2048×2048

Moreover, it won’t be possible for you to create a single map of the infinite Minecraft world. Create additional level 4/4 maps to track large areas outside the original level 4/4 map, which is huge even though ¼ maps are much easier to read and analyzing the local terrain.

How to enlarge your map?

  1. Open Crafting Table and add your current map in the center square and then, fill the rest of 8 squares with paper.
  1. Drag the expanded map into the inventory.

  1. If you want even a bigger map, then drag the current enlarged map into the Crafting Table with the rest squares covered with paper.
  1. Drag the new re-expanded map into the directory.
  1. Do the same for the 1024×1024 map and the map bigger than that.

As your map gets enlarged, it will reset and start re-recording the surroundings from where it was opened for the first time.

How to copy a map?

The purpose of copying a map or making clones is to provide a safe passage for other players to return to the point upon opening ground zero. Copying a map can only be done with the help of a Cartography Table, details of which you can find here:

  1. Open Cartography Table after which, you can add the completed map in the top square with an empty map in the bottom square.
  1. Give your copied map a name, but keep in mind that the name you will give will change the name of the other map as well.

  1. Drag both maps into your inventory.
  1. If you want to make more copies, repeat the process.

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