DanTDM Increases Minecraft’s Difficulty in His New Series

Dantdm Minecraft

Minecraft as we all know is a game that offers a wide range of ways to play, beginning from standard ‘Normal Difficulty’ to playing in the ‘Hardcore’ world. What this means is that there isn’t any chance of natural health regeneration, so once you die, your world will be gone for good and all the hard work that you have done will be gone too. This mode is not designed for the faint of heart.

Minecraft is a decade-old game, but it still is immensely popular on the website such as Twitch and YouTube. The credit for this amazing popularity is due to the mods for the game and constant updates that roll out for Minecraft.

Many top YouTubers have also contributed to the popularity of the game. Two top YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Dream love the game. Where PewDiePie explores in his Minecraft world, Dream on the other hand push the limit. Apart from Minecraft, its YouTube community has a huge following for Dream’s Manhunt series.

Then, there is DanTDM, another immensely popular Minecraft YouTuber, who is also known as Dan The Diamond Minecart. He has done everything from completing Minecraft on the Hardcore difficulty to mod reviews.

What’s Different About ‘Ultra Hardcore’ Minecraft Game?

DanTDM explains why the new series named ‘Ultra Hardcore’ will be different from the standard hardcore Minecraft experience.

The reason why the ‘Hardcore’ version of Minecraft will be harder is that there are 342 mods. These mods lead to new and tough dimensions, which Dan explores and fights the bosses in.

The majority of those mods will eventually make the game considerably tougher for DanTDM compared to normal Minecraft, but it will be a good challenge for the popular Minecraft player who calls himself a ‘Pro’.

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Those two mods will help Dan to create ‘Totems of Undying’ while another for gaining more hearts. DanTDM added those mods because later bosses will do considerably more hearts per hit. As a result, his diamond armor may not be enough to protect him in fights.

Had Dan been not fortunate enough, he would spawn off the edge of a cliff of an island despite pleaded not to be there. Dan didn’t show any interest in spawning on an island because of the fewer resources he has. Those resources would have made him trapped on the island.

By the end of the first episode, Dan acquired a set of iron tools. These tools will help him make up for the lack of resources available on the island.

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